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Commissions of Portraits and Still Lifes

The thought of commissioning a portrait or still life is a pleasant beginning. A good picture will make you cherish the memory which lasts for years, and pass down generations. For the outcome to meet all of your expectations, I believe a joint effort between the client and the artist will be more successful.


It is important for me, the artist, to find out exactly what your expectations are such as the format, the size (head and shoulders, knee level, or whole body length for portraits), the style, the clothings, the desired colour schemes, the mood, and the background, etc. After these basic elements are established, there would be discussions about the locations of the sittings for portraits. It would be either specified by the client or it could be at my studio at Buckinghamshire. I am willing to travel.


I like working from life but photographs would be helpful if the required sittings are not available. Whilst photographs provided by clients may be considered, I would prefer to take the photo shootings myself to ensure that the lighting meets my requirements for developing a good picture.

I have many years of experience painting portraits. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your commission requirements and the commission process.